The transactions we structure for clients are by nature, flexible. 


We are able to offer unique solutions with significantly higher returns to those currently being realised.  


There are numerous variations of the transaction however all require us to purchase the inventory for either cash, a credit or both. 

The proposals we present to you are an alternative to existing strategies currently utilised for this inventory and in most instances, clients can choose between a couple of options depending on their own corporate governance.

Under-performing asset problems can usually be solved by one of the following methods:

Purchasing the asset for a credit

Purchasing the asset for cash

Some clients prefer to receive cash for their distressed assets.  We are able to pay up to full value providing clients meet certain requirements

A combination of credit and cash

Often the best outcome combines the credit and cash strategies.

The most common form of trade is when a credit is used to purchase the distressed assets.  The credit is then applied to future purchases through Above Trading.  The majority of these purchases being for media/advertising expenditures through your existing media agency.