Above Trading structures a trade for the under-performing asset after an initial meeting with the company. We take into consideration the companies objectives and brand priorities, the size of the transaction, where the product is stored, the remarketing considerations and the length of time a transaction is likely to take to complete.


We complete significant due diligence and present back to the company an option/s for how to restore value to the asset. There are numerous variations and our models are flexible by nature.


One of the many benefits of dealing with a locally owned trade company is that our management and owners are on hand so any decisions or variations can be made quickly.


Broadly speaking a companies under-performing asset can be solved by one of the following options:

Above Trading issuing credits at full value
Above Trading purchases under-performing asset/s (at full value) with a credit and in turn those credits are used to purchase media (and other goods & services).  An excellent way to restore value to large under-performing assets in one transaction.
Payment for media
Above Trading accepts payment for media partly in cash and partly in product.
Generally reserved for smaller inventories and is often used effectively to add to existing media budgets to increase spends.
Cash only Trade
Above Trading purchase the under-performing asset for cash. (generally for between two to three times the value the asset has when re-marketed)
A model for clients wanting to gain a cash return for inventory.  In this scenario the client enters into an agreement with Above Trading for a predetermined amount of purchase of various goods and services