What can be traded?

We've restored value to almost every type of inventory imaginable.


Most of the time we are asked by our clients to remarket the goods we purchase and sometimes they place heavy restrictions on us so that brand equity remains intact.  We believe we have the most effective way of ensuring your goods end up where we say they are going to end up.


Below is an example of some of the goods we've traded over the years. We'd be happy to elaborate on how value was restored with these inventories to establish whether there are synergies between these and yours.


Ice Cream   Tea   Gravy   Consumer  Electronics   Computers   Televisions   Motor Vehicles   Vitamins   Skin Care   Toiletry Products   Stationary   Media Time and Space   Furniture   Real Estate   Sporting Goods   Apparel   Cosmetics   Alcohol   Personel Hygene   Telecommunication Products   Watches   Frozen Peas   Knives   Fishing Gear   Kitchen Cookware   DVD's   Merchandise   Office Furniture   Footware   Hardware   Tools   Locks   Jewelery