Case Studies - Just a few

Lots of stories and counting...




A large FMCG company with previous trade experience tendered out to the market as a result of a large parcel of short dated food products. Heavy restrictions were placed on the remarketing as distribution was virtually saturated. Submissions were evaluated and Above Trading was chosen based on our unique ability to remarket the goods without effecting current distribution channels and our extensive media capabilities The client realised above cost value in the transaction and booked the sale immediately. The product was sold to pre-approved buyers both domestically and internationally through our remarketing departments based in Sydney and Hong Kong. Goods were shipped directly to end users The client avoided a significant write-down and the sales teams concentrated on new product launches and longer shelf life products. Warehouse space was freed up and some buyers are now purchasing additional products directly through our client


Electronic Consumer Goods Manufacturer


A large Japanese Electronics company was caught with product when some new technology was released by a competitor. The launch of the competitor’s product was timed to coincide with our clients financial year end so that maximum impact on the balance sheet was felt. Above Trading restored the value on the balance sheet prior to year end avoiding a write-down and began remarketing the product globally through our media trading partners (mainly radio stations) who used the products for giveaways on-air The client realised full wholesale value due to the significant value the products still had in the secondary trade market. Media placement began immediately through our network of media trading partners with their media agency’s existing benchmark costs and parameters being met.


Pharmaceutical Company


A global pharmaceutical company decided that a number of brands were under-performing for them and that they would exit the category The same pharmaceutical company had short dated product The same pharmaceutical company changed packaging on a major brand Above Trading were able to restore the value of all products back to cost avoiding a write-down. All products were sold domestically in line with contractual agreements and credits were used in media through their existing media agency Retail A computer glitch double ordered some furniture stock which couldn’t then re-enter the retail market due to unique fabrics being applied to the furniture. The cost to the business would have been significant and they were taking up warehouse space. The challenge was to remarket the product without affecting the retail outlets with product that was branded. Above Trading arranged for the furniture to be de-labelled and the product was sold via auction to individual buyers within the agreed remarketing restrictions. Media was used as the vehicle to restore the value to the asset and the client avoided a write-down


Personal Hygiene


In case nobody has noticed shaving razors seem to change heads every 25 seconds (or so). Last weeks model doesn’t fit next weeks and so on. Unless purchasing gets the exact amount of stock right, there is going to be an excess. In this case Above Trading purchased all of the excess goods avoiding a write down and traded them out for television airtime and magazine space. The goods were sold domestically in line with restrictions to a wholesaler/retailer in the Victorian marketplace


Luxury Goods


A luxury goods manufacturer didn’t have a significant media presence however Above Trading guaranteed to deliver a ROI nearly triple their existing returns by purchasing product at an agreed rate of any advertising purchased through them. This trade is currently being used in the hospitality and travel industries where media is placed through Above Trading in return for the guaranteed purchase of tickets to events and for accommodation and airline travel. The tickets are sold to pre-approved buyers to ensure existing client revenues are protected.